Hans-Hermann Hoppe: The Science of Human Action

The master’s latest speech.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe presents the opening lecture of the 2011 Mises University, which includes an introduction by Mark Thornton.

The professor begins with an autobiographical description of how he came to know Murrary Rothbard, and then moves on to the development of David Hume’s empiricism and its conflict with rationalism, which still leaves room for a priori logic and knowledge, which in turn leads directly to the science of human action.

This eventually takes him towards the nonsense of modern Keynesian/Monetarist economics, where money printing creates wealth, consumption makes us richer, and where we can have our cake and eat it.

Hoppe moves on to his discovery of Mises, which led him to Rothbard, and then towards the rational belief in a private pure law society without any need for the coercive immoral mechanism of government.

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