Dominic Frisby: Why Gold is the Currency of the Free

I have just discovered an astonishingly good 22-minute speech by Dominic Frisby, delivered in the UK earlier this year, at the Cheviot Sound Money Conference, in London’s splendid Guildhall, by one of the UK’s leading voice-over artists.

[Does this make him the most famous Austrian in England?]

Although he mentions the Road to Serfdom, Mr Frisby never actually mentions Rothbard, Mises, or Hayek; but they’re all there, in the footnotes.

The speech is, in the words of Wayne, from Wayne’s World, a most excellent call to arms for gold bugs everywhere:

In case you’re wondering where you might have heard his voice before, this is a typical sample of Mr Frisby’s ‘paid-for’ work, which I watched myself on the Discovery channel a few months ago, without realising I was in the hands of a fellow traveller:

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1 Response to Dominic Frisby: Why Gold is the Currency of the Free

  1. Paul Vahur says:

    From a perspective of unreformabale ancap with chronic and uncurable goldbuggism not the greatest speech. He made one great error – gold is not useless. It is indeed very useful and could be used more extensively in industry but for the high value of it so instead lesser substitutes are used (which are less useful from technological point of view but are cheaper and thus more economical). This and more is well explained in this lecture by the mysterious and great Dr. Reisman: , especially between 12:40 to 23:50. Even more specifically (if you have less time) start listening at 15:55.

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