Peter Schiff’s Gold Card

Is a new monetary system being born in front of our eyes, despite the wishes of the global financial elites?

As well as discussing all the latest Austrian-related news with Eric King, in a King World News broadcast, Peter Schiff introduces his new gold mastercard, based in the Caribbean, in which you can store physical gold at his new bank, and use a plastic card around the world to obtain any currency you want, or buy any good you want, based upon these gold savings, via all ATM machines and merchant systems accepting mastercard.

I hope he’s called his new bank, ‘Gringotts’.

No doubt James Turk will be listening to this interview with interest.

By the way, the only people in the world who are unable to obtain this new mastercard are U.S. citizens, courtesy of the implicit currency controls being imposed by the U.S. government, upon its tax serfs, as its monetary empire disintegrates, and the walls go up around America, to keep the serfs in.

Land of the free? Well, maybe a hundred and fifty years ago:


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2 Responses to Peter Schiff’s Gold Card

  1. Paul Vahur says:

    Thanks for sharing, the King-guy’s voice has gotten more annoying though.

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