David Cameron marches the UK further down the Road to Serfdom

The David Cameron and George Osborne double act

The über-cerebral Daily Bell are quick to spot David Cameron’s hypocrisy, when it comes to supporting the further dictatorial integration of the EUSSR:

“Unable to pretend anymore to the British people that the Tories are anything more than a “controlled” opposition, Cameron et al. have now taken the position that a greater union is justified by Britain’s economic interests!

Daley calls out the realigned position as a contradiction. (Good for her.) “This is a cynical form of realpolitik: that we should sell the pass on other people’s democratic rights in spite of whatever dark forces may be unleashed. That is not, as I recall, the traditional British view of our moral role in the world.”

Of course here Daley is being less than forthcoming. There is no “British moral view.” There is only a tired, confused and harassed population, endlessly videotaped, incarcerated and taxed as they are gradually shoved toward the mind control of world government.”

Oh, how I wish I had written that last splendid sentence. In the immortal song lyric of Freddie Mercury; ‘Magnifico’.

Read the whole thing:

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