Vince Cable: I want more quantitative easing

Vince Cable is the ‘business secretary’ at the heart of British government, who sits alongside the Chancellor in the cabinet, a.k.a. the clots in the asylum.

And this economic ignoramus wants more quantitative easing, as you’ll be able to hear if you go to 3:30 on the video below, where his barely-disguised orders to the Bank of England will be readily heard by the government’s ‘independent’ minion, Mervyn King.

What, you still haven’t sold your pounds for gold or silver yet (or Swiss Francs or Norwegian Krone, if you still can’t give up that paper habit)? Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sorry, I was forgetting. Hyperinflation can’t happen in Britain. We’re special. We can therefore ignore all economic laws. Just like the Vince ‘The Boob’ Cable.

What’s remarkable is quite how blind politicians are, as Cable demonstrates. The first round of quantitative easing failed, so let’s try it again. And then again, and again, as the Americans are about to do, with their third round (or is it their fourth or fifth round?) of the same delirium-inducing poison.

As David Coleman used to say; remarkable.

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2 Responses to Vince Cable: I want more quantitative easing

  1. I smile when remembering that, at the beginning of the economic disaster in 2007-08, Cable was widely touted as the wisest money man in Parliament. 😉

  2. 2955kevin says:

    It failed in 2 ways though: it didn’t really stimulate the economy and it didn’t result in price inflation. Anny comment on that?

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