Marc Faber: Ben Bernanke doesn’t understand international economics

The Triumph Of Ben Bernanke

In the longest Marc Faber interview I have ever heard (53 minutes), on the Financial Sense Newshour, the colossally intelligent Doctor ranges across the entire world going backwards in time back to the 1960s and forward into the future to boot. He especially has a lot to say about Ben Bernanke:

“I feel sorry for Mr. Bernanke because he really doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand. He’s a typical academic. You know, a typical academic is a professor of medicine that knows everything about how a patient becomes sick but doesn’t know how to cut something like a butcher and therefore, can’t operate on a patient. Mr. Bernanke academically knows everything, but has no clue about the real world. No clue whatsoever.”

The interview is a treat for all Faber fans.

Listen out for the bit where he describes Californian girls:

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