Keiser Report: Oligarchy Propaganda

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, the thinking man’s Marilyn Monroe, look at how the oligarchy shape our thoughts with endless propaganda and how they have trapped us all on welfare, even if we fail to realise it.

They also get into the second largest gold position in Europe, held by the Italian government, which they think is being targeted by the IMF for confiscation for their own interesting purposes.

In the second half, Stacy stays on (rather unusually) to talk about Rupert Murdoch, the oligarch appointee who helps his masters divide and rule the world’s proles by supplying the ‘right-wing’ news diet for the log-rolling right/left duopoly that controls the world’s government-licensed media.

At one point, Max even starts quoting John Locke, which surprised me. But then he really is quite a hard man to fathom. However, who wants everyone to be predictable?


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