Austrian economics in England

Hello, and welcome to a new blog on Austrian economics, from an English viewpoint, delivered from the South Oxfordshire viewpoint of Henley on Thames.  What will appear on this website?  I have absolutely no idea.  It will mainly be random Misesian blipverts delivered by an English Rothbardian heretic.

Expect lots of links to King World News, Max Keiser, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Lew Rockwell, Radio Free Market,, Zero Hedge, and all sorts of other associated web sites.

There’ll also be book reviews, podcast interviews, and other bits and pieces which should provide amusement and entertainment to anyone in England who considers themselves a Rothbardian.

Hoppeians are also welcome. As are Misesians, but only those who can drop the statist nonsense.

Socialists are to be pitied. But not as much as environmentalists.


About Andy Duncan

An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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  2. Paul Vahur says:

    Beware of Aussies making comments

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